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Jonathan Granoff,
Neil Moore

Wednesday,November 14th, 2007
Where we are heading

Join Doctor Val, Neil Moore and Jonathan Granoff of the Global Security Institute in a dialogue about the weaponization of space and the possibilities of our future

Richard Moss MD,
Mikey Weinstein

Wednesday,November 7th, 2007
Being Here Now in today's world of dire predictions.

Jennifer Butler
Rachelle Lee
Gail Elen

Wednesday,October 17th, 2007
Inventing a style that works in Today's World

Barbara Gaughen-Muller,
Peter Calhoun.

Wednesday,October 3rd, 2007
How do we Love in Today's World?

Dave Von Kleist
William Lewis

Saturday,July 21st, 2007
911 Ripple Effect: the Definitive Proof

Valerie Kirkgaard Ph.D

Friday,July 6th, 2007
Dr. Val's and Some Kodak Moments

Jonathan Granoff

Tuesday,June 26th, 2007
Waking Up America - healing the tears in the human fabric

Valerie Kirkgaard Ph.D

Saturday,June 23rd, 2007

Mary Louise Zeller,
Sandy Gimpel

Saturday,June 9th, 2007
Being a champion in your 60's.

Jonathan Granoff
Arjuna Ardagh

Saturday,June 2nd, 2007
Waking Up America -- Creating Paradise collectively

Charlie Gay

Saturday,May 12th, 2007
From ravaged Killingfields to Harvest and Celebration.

Clint Curtis

Saturday,April 28th, 2007
Ending Election Fraud?

George Ritcheske

Wednesday,April 18th, 2007
The decisions in life that really matter

GEORGE RITCHESKE is the owner and president of TrueLeaderCoach, Inc., the co-author of True Leaders, and a captivating speaker who provides the "coach approach" to transform businesses for continued success

Michael L. Weinstein

Saturday,April 14th, 2007
Should Church & State be Separated?

Alexander Shaia

Wednesday,April 11th, 2007
Our Spiritual Journey

Alexander Shaia, Ph.D. does retreats for Quadratos Jungian sand play, rites of passage and Christian spirituality. Join Doctor Val, Cherie Ross and Debbie Ringchop as they learn from this noted author

Ilene Proctor

Howard Wimer

Pamala Osley

Saturday,April 7th, 2007
Is Peace Possible?

Patti Cota Robles

Wednesday,April 4th, 2007
Integrating Higher Consciousness

Join Patti Cota-Robles, Doctor Val, Debbie Ringchop and Cherie Ross as they discuss and offer ways of integrating Higher Consciousness. You'll be offered vision, tools and techniques to support you in welcoming your transformational experience

Harvey Wasserman

Eric Shine

Ed Asner

Saturday,March 31st, 2007
Putting America Back On Track

Pamala Osley

Wednesday,March 28th, 2007
The Colors of Love

Bestselling Author and professional psychic Pamala Osley talks with Doctor Val and the Waking up In America team about auras (your electromagnetic field) and how colors can help us find and keep our perfect mate.

Harvey Wasserman

Wednesday,March 21st, 2007
A song for Solartopia

Free Press Senior Editor and "Superpower of Peace" columnist Harvey Wasserman is also senior advisor to Greenpeace USA and the Nuclear Information & Resource Service.

Eric Shine

Saturday,March 17th, 2007
Stopping the Destruction of the American Republic

Amelia Kinkade

Wednesday,March 14th, 2007
What Animals think.

Celebrated psychic, Amelia Kindade, joins Doctor Val and the Waking Up In America Team and tells us about her experiences in communicating with animals.

Eric Shine

Saturday,March 10th, 2007
The Destruction of the American Republic - Can it be stopped?

Patti Cota Robles

Wednesday,March 7th, 2007
A time for Action

The day of domination and control by Humanity's fear-based human egos have passed. The Chinese New Year is welcoming the year of the Fire Pig. (A lucky time). Move into your dreams

Debbie Takikawa

Ron Grant

Saturday,March 3rd, 2007
What Babies Want and Need.

Debbie Takikawa

Wednesday,February 28th, 2007
What Babies Want and Need

What Babies Want, an award winning documentary film that explores the profoundly important and sacred opportunity we have in bringing children into the world.

Elizabeth del La


David Reisig

Saturday,February 24th, 2007
Should the President be Impeached.


Wednesday,February 21st, 2007
What Causes People to be Weight Loss Resistant?

It isn't always calories or exercise that makes people loose weight. Find out what the woman who helped developed Superman's Body, JJ Virgin, has to say.

Patti Cota Robles,  

Guy Finley  


Wednesday,February 14th, 2007
Valentine's for You

Join Patti Cota Robles, Guy Finley and JJ Virgin as this remarkable panel will give you the Valentine of your life - special ideas, just for you.

Guy Finley

Wednesday,February 7th, 2007
Living with Intention

Guys encouraging and accessible message is one of the true bright lights in our world today.

Ron Zeller

Mary Louise Zeller

Wednesday,January 31st, 2007
Winning at any Age

This dynamic couple have developed a seminar which teaches you to win at any age and to keep on winning. Masters of information, motivation, fitness and health, they make themselves available to our listening audience as coaches.

Ron Zeller

Mary Louise Zeller

Rick Reebenacker

Saturday,January 27th, 2007
Winning at Any Age.

Ed Begley, Jr.

Wednesday,January 24th, 2007
The best of Clean

Join Doctor Val and the Waking Up In America Team, as they discuss with Ed, The story behind his new line of home cleaners.

Saturday,January 20th, 2007
Alexander Shaia,Ph.D. S.G.Mestrovic Craig S.Barnes Ed Asner

The Development of Morality.

Ed Begley, Jr

Tuesday,January 16th, 2007
The best of Clean

Larry Hagman

Paul Scott

Rick Reebenacker

Ron Kenedi

Saturday,January 13th, 2007
Getting the Most Out of Your Energy Dollars

Maria Shaw, National Astrologer

Wednesday,January 10th, 2007
What's Ahead in the coming year?

From the National Enquirer to NBC, Maria Shaw is the astrologer known for her accuracy in predictions.

Ariane David

Howard Wimer

Ed Asner

Saturday,January 6th, 2007
Looking at Iraq

Howard Wimer

Wednesday,January 3rd, 2007
Finding Balance 2007

Doctor Val and the team will hear what the angels have to say about finding personal balance in 2007

Larry Hagman

Tuesday,January 17th, 2006
Owning Solar

After years of playing the callous oil mogul on Dallas, Larry shows us his environmental side. Doctor Val, and Larry will discuss the pros and cons of solar.