Encore - In Appreciation
Wednesday,August 28th, 2019
August 28th 2019 - 2pm pacific

In a world of hooting, hollering and machine guns, one must take time to feed the humming birds, walk the dog and kiss your friends and children.

The aggressive and misleading political conversations of the day have kept us frightened and angry.

We need to rebalance our souls with nature, friendly tactile experiences and generosity. Honor your friends and get involved in creating the change you want, even if it is as simple as saying hello to your neighbor or patting someone on the back.

In Appreciation
Wednesday,August 21st, 2019
August 21st 2019 - 2pm pacific

In a world of hooting, hollering and machine guns, one must take time to feed the humming birds, walk the dog and kiss your friends and children.

The aggressive and misleading political conversations of the day have kept us frightened and angry.

We need to rebalance our souls with nature, friendly tactile experiences and generosity. Honor your friends and get involved in creating the change you want, even if it is as simple as saying hello to your neighbor or patting someone on the back.

Looking Backward, Moving Forward - Habitat for Humanity
Tuesday,August 6th, 2019
August 6th 2019 - 2pm pacific

Drs. Kirkgaard & Shannon found the exploits of how this birthday boy spent his most special day a surprise. Val has known, Real Estate Attorney Larry Michael Roberts since the mid-80's. He is a great friend and a wonderful human being. He has been her collaborator manifesting friend for years. When he spoke of what he done for his birthday, Val was reminded of many of the other projects he had participated in. This year he worked with Habitat For Humanity - go Larry go!!!!! We also discussed cars, objects from the past which were excellent and suppressed by companies who did not want to lose business - not very kind to the future - Cardboard houses which could be assembled and some living in them within 2 days - electricity and plumbing operational. That was in the 80’s folks Pass this one around to your friends - here is an attorney you could love.

Frequency Medicine with Jenna Loren
Wednesday,July 31st, 2019
July 31st 2019 - 2pm pacific

Join Drs. Val Kirkgaard & Randi Shannon as they exchange facts an ideas in the arena of Frequency Medicine with Jenna Loren SCIO practitioner - the process she uses is off planet assisted. Jenna has had a career in the Holistic Health and Human Potential industry that has spanned over three decades. Knowing that our body systems have our own energetic patterns, Jenna has searched for therapy for many years that would address a person’s entire electrical system. From early on Jenna realized there are many factors that create dis-ease. It is a well-documented fact in the scientific community that emotions and stress play a significant part in our state of health. Stress is now acknowledged as a killer in our society. Find her at Jenna_Loren@yahoo.com or call her 760 458-5803

Earthquakes, The President and Arthritis
Wednesday,July 10th, 2019
July 10th 2019 - 2pm pacific

Drs. Val & Randi dialogues on a variety of subjects including the earthquakes in California - 7.1, downgraded to a 6.9 - Val’s first quake experience in 20 years. The fact that the local news channels blocked our president’s brilliant 4th of July speech. Additionally, we discussed so things you might not know help with arthritis. Enjoy!!

Alice Weaver Billings
Wednesday,July 3rd, 2019
July 3rd 2019 - 2pm pacific

Alice Weaver Billings, Ridgeway Colorado's horse lady visited with Randi and myself. She gave us the low down on Mustangs and what has been happening with these horses and we discussed also what has been going on at Santa Anita. 30 deaths this year and still counting. The horses being raced are 2 year olds and there bones are not strong until they are 4 or 5. Stop RACING IMMATURE HORSES. Horses are sentient beings and should be recognized as such. They are way more present than most human beings I cried listening. Hope you do too

The Technology of Joy
Wednesday,June 26th, 2019
June 26th 2019 - 2pm pacific

Dr. Val & Randi has a lot of fun with Jonathan - Hope you do too. You are gonna love Jonathan Robinson and his Technology of Joy - Here is a review Debbi Dachinger 5.0 out of 5 stars gave"Highly Recommended. Refreshing. New information. So appreciated. Easy Read. A+ - us too Debbi. You can find the first edition on Amazon. We run a radio show as you do Debbi, often read book after book for the many guests who come on to be featured. He has some Really good Hacks folks. Very Enjoyable and more to come….. tell your friends and invite them to Listen on.

Catching Up with Lisa
Wednesday,June 19th, 2019
June 19th 2019 - 2pm pacific

I met Lisa Sundberg in 1999 in Landmark Educations Team Leadership training program. She was awesome from the first moment I met her and this native American Yurok has been an awesome friend and adventurer into the world of magic, business and healing. I knew Randi would be impressed with the work and research she expresses - about CBD and the tribes and what does that mean for all of us. it is exciting to have Lisa with us. She is currently a board member for an Indian Clinic and…. on the tribal Advisory committee to the National Institute of Health.

Wam, Bang, BOOM
Wednesday,June 12th, 2019
June 12th 2019 - 2pm pacific

Join Drs. Val & Randi along with Paul and Mike heat up in a discussion/dialogue on the Global Currency Reset. Hang onto your hats. The RV is happening in different parts of the world - not here yet. There are so many who believe this is happening - DO YOU? Val says, an eruption of wealth and prosperity is coming. Make her right - take it on. The old phrase, is "I will believe it when I see it. More powerful is the phrase, "I will see it, when I believe it" Dramatic changes are on the way as Earth prepares for the second coming. Make yourself part of the change.

Wednesday,May 8th, 2019
May 8th 2019 - 2pm pacific

Join Doctors Val Kirkgaard & Randi Shannon with Paul our Washington Insider as we spend magical tine with Terry Cole-Whittaker, an elder and master in the realm of spirituality and the language of creation.

Gratitude Works and God Bless Julian
Wednesday,April 17th, 2019
April 17th 2019 - 2pm pacific

Join Drs. Val & Randi and Paul as we join with Karen Radney Johnson - karenjohnson2020@att.net, a master of gratitude and a New Skin distributor. We discuss great products from a variety of of first rate products, including, Kyani, Youngevity & Limitless. These products make a real difference in peoples lives. Also the breaking news of Julian Assange's arrest is part of discussion. A very interesting show.

5G Protection & The power of B17
Wednesday,March 13th, 2019
March 13th 2019 - 2pm pacific

5G is here whether you like it or not. 10,000 5 g satellites will beaming towards us, reducing our quality of life. Drs. Shannon & Kirkgaard dialogue on ways to take care of ourselves with Paul, our Washington Insider. Paul recommends https://www.safespaceprotection.com - check it out and learn. Randi tells you about the powers of Selenium. Val suggests you visit Sungite.com and Amazon.com for 5D protection and products. Study up guys and let us know any goodies you find. We will pick your best ideas and put them on air. Wahoo!!!

Wednesday,March 6th, 2019
March 6th 2019 - 2pm pacific

Dr. Val, Mike Vitalie and Paul dialogue about Hitler’s off spring voicing their unwillingness to protect full term, new born babies that survived abortion attempts. Unconscionable New York already has a law in place that allows the doctor to kill the baby. Personally, I suspect they are after body parts. 3 of these Senators are running for the presidency.

Meet these murder sanctioning Senators: Kamala Harris - Democrat, California Elizabeth Warren - Democrat, Massachusetts Bernie Sanders - Independent, Vermont

A full list of these abominable people is published in today’s show. We thank Tim Scott, Republican from South Carolina - for his heart felt remarks on the floor of the Senate http://conservativefighters.com/news/watch-sen-tim-scotts-powerful-speech-on-senate-floor-after-democrats-refuse-to-protect-born-alive-babies/ Make sure these people are never re-elected.

Wednesday,February 27th, 2019
Feb 27th 2019 - 2pm pacific

Check out Dr. Val & Mike Vitalie as they talk about the Cowboys coming to Washington. It is a worthy watch. A man flips his middle finger at the cowboys and women. One riders response was priceless and a great teaching moment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_d5_KD1Y10 a link to the video Listen to this very interesting show and see which companies and individuals get a finger or thumb - see who gets what.

Wednesday,February 20th, 2019
Feb 20th 2019 - 2pm pacific

"Tippi" Hedren is an American actress, animal rights activist and former fashion model. A successful fashion model from her twenties, appearing on the front covers of Life and Glamour magazines among others, Hedren became an actress after she was discovered by director Alfred Hitchcock while appearing on a television commercial in 1961. She received world recognition for her work in two of his films, the suspense-thriller The Birds in 1963, for which she won a Golden Globe, and the psychological drama Marnie in 1964. Hedren has appeared in over eighty films and TV shows including Charlie Chaplin's final film, A Countess from Hong Kong, the Alexander Payne political satire Citizen Ruth, and the David O. Russell existential comedy I Heart Huckabees. Her contributions to world cinema have been honored with the Jules Verne Award and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame among others. Dr. Val and Tippi talk about her creation of Shambala.org and the Roar foundation in Acton, California. This is a place where wild animals are protected and loved. Thank you Tippi. It was wonderful to discuss what our mothers taught us about living a good life. We were taught courage and confidence among other things. Tune in to this inspiring show.

Wednesday,January 16th, 2019
Jan 16th 2019 - 2pm pacific

Starting our 32nd year on radio, We can the light coming in and the revelations of the cabal become more evident daily. Val, Paul, Randi dialogue on the changes Trump has brought to the table. We especially liked Republican/Democratic Bill that was signed into law this last week with regards to human trafficking. Employment status for woman and blacks is the highest since the 60's. TRUMP ROCKS