Waking Up In America is Talk Radio with a Social Conscience.
Our Editors are Experts in their fields and work each day to make this world a little better for all of us.

Dr. Valerie Anne Kirkgaard, Host and Editor of Making Room For Love
Dr. Valerie Anne Kirkgaard, Phd, is a retired Marriage Family Counselor and the creator of the Kirkgaard Method of Directed Breath, a unique method of clearing emotional blocks. Each week on Making Room For Love Dr. Valerie brings you new and different techniques to handle the life's ups and downs with grace and ease. For more information on the Kirkgaard Method of Directed Breath, please visit DoctorValerie.com or email her HERE
Cherie Ross, Editor of Essentially Yours The wonders and healing powers of nature are available to you through the power of essential oils. Cheire Ross is an expert in the use and applications of therapuetic grade essential oils and has been studying and applying these aromatic miracle workers with Young Living Essential Oils for the past 6 years. Each week Cherie shares her knowledge with you from how to cure gingivitis to putting a little more passion in your love life.
You are guaranteed to be a little more knowledgeable in enhancing your health and your life each week. Visit Cherie's website Young-Living.net or email her HERE
Lisa Maulson,Editor of Family Matters
Lisa Maulson, devoted wife and mother of six knows that good relationships must be nurtured and maintained in order to thrive. Each week, Lisa shares with you the lessons on the real stuff of life; loving kids that can't stand you in the moment, keeping trust and passion alive in your marriage and knowing where to turn for help when all your good intentions fail.
Tune in to the latest findings on how to keep connecting with your family in a world that keeps getting busier. Lisa's wit and charm is an oasis in the chaos of life. Visit Lisa's LuckeCash.com or email her HERE
Debbie Ringchop, Retirement Rescue. Debbie Ringchop is a Chartered Senior Financial Planner (CSFP), Financial Advisor and Regional Vice President with TriStar Financial & Insurance Services, and a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS), having worked in Financial Services and Technology for over 20 years. She is a Certified Cash Flow Specialist with the ACFA (American Cash Flow Association®), holds an

M.B.A., Licensed in Life Insurance and Mortgages. She fought fires in Corporate America as well as Forest Fires with the Forest Service. Married for 25 years, Debbie is committed to empower families to build True Wealth for generations to come. Debbie brings her considerable experience to you to areas of finances and tips on ways to save money on expenses and increasing the return on the money you have. Visit Debbie's website SaveInvestBuildRetire.com or email here HERE
Gail Elen, Beauty and the Arts
Gail Elen, our editor for Beauty and the Arts is a diplomat extraordinaire and fills the airways each week with the world's most amazing guests. Gail's ability to understand the needs and customs of the diverse cultures of the world was critical to the smooth sailing of the 1984 Olympics held in Los Angeles as she worked closely with Peter Ueberoth, USOC Chairman. We are lucky to have her as such an important part of the Waking Up In America team.

In Beauty and the Arts, Gail brings the world closer to us by teaching us about the treasures of the world and emerging artists. Email Gail
Pete Laubach,Chief Technical Officer
Every team that looks good has a technical wizard in the background. Each week Pete Laubach keeps our voices level and our words on the air with his skill and finess. We thank Pete for helping us to 'look' good on the air.

Visit Pete at HelpGuide.com or email him HERE

Loral Langemeier, M.A. CPPC
A pioneer in financial coaching, Loral Langemeier M.A CPPC and founder of Live Out Loud, empowers people to build wealth and achieve financial success. Her unique coaching style is based on establishing a personal Financial Wealth Cycle™. Building the character to create financial wealth is almost more important than building wealth. Beginning with developing financial literacy based on straightforward principles and concepts, establishing a foundation upon which to build stability and direction, Langemeier helps establish measurable financial goals with action-oriented steps.
For more information CLICK HERE

Sandi Athey, Psychic Healer & Medical Intuitive
Sandi draws on a variety of modalities to work with clients on a very individual basis. Using her gifts to tune into the Universe, Sandi discovers the needs of her clients and proceeds accordingly. A session with Sandi could mean contacting the other side, dealing with childhood issues, finding the physical, emotional, or spiritual source for whatever challenge is at hand, or

even discerning why Fluffy just won’t use the litter box!
In addition to her private practice, she is currently hosting the “Psychic Healing with Sandi Athey” radio show. Please visit her website at PsychicSandi.com


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