Leading a Fulfilled & Happy Life

March 12th, 2008

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Alan G. Hunter

Tony Wilkinson

Alan G. Hunter
Using his expertise as both a professor of literature and a therapist of over thirty years, Alan Hunter uncovers evidence of six archetypes that repeatedly appear in specific order in great literature. He clearly lays out each archetype so that the reader can identify which of them (Innocent, Orphan, Pilgrim, Warrior-Lover, Monarch Pair or Magician) he or she might currently embody. Then using examples from classics like Dickens, Shakespeare, James, Conrad and more recently, J.K. Rowling’s work, he demonstrates the challenges the protagonists encounter and fascinatingly reveals how we face similar difficult decisions and choices.


Tony Wilkinson

Wilkinson’s book reminds us what some have understood for thousands of years; that there is an art to living happily and that it depends not on external skills but on the quality of our inner life. Wilkinson identifies what he calls “happiness skills” and how to obtain them. “The inner life and practice of its skills are the keys to living happily, he says. According to Wilkinson, everyone’s internal life rests on habits or dispositions, which he calls the “habit basis”. He encourages us to understand and change those internal habits if we want to live happily.


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