Looking Backward, Moving Forward - Habitat for Humanity

Drs. Kirkgaard & Shannon found the exploits of how this birthday boy spent his most special day a surprise.

Val has known, Real Estate Attorney Larry Michael Roberts since the mid-80’s. He is a great friend and a wonderful human being. He has been her collaborator
manifesting friend for years. When he spoke of what he done for his birthday, Val was reminded of many of the other projects he had participated in.
This year he worked with Habitat For Humanity – go Larry go!!!!! We also discussed cars, objects from the past which were excellent and suppressed by companies who did not want
to lose business – not very kind to the future – Cardboard houses which could be assembled and some living in them within 2 days – electricity and plumbing operational. That was in the 80’s folks

Pass this one around to your friends – here is an attorney you could love.