Birute Regine,

Kelby Smith &

CW Wright

The Author of IRON BUTTERFLIES speaks In her own words. I am a developmental psychologist, a life and executive coach who earned my Bachelor of Arts at Boston College, and my Masters and Doctorate of Education in Human Development at Harvard Graduate School of Education. While at Harvard, I collaborated with psychologist Carol Gilligan, author of In A Different Voice and served as a project director at the Harvard Project on the Development of Girls and Psychology of Women. I was also a teaching fellow for Erik Erikson. I spent two years as visiting scholar at the Center for Research on Women at Wellesley College and as an affiliate of the Stone Center. In addition, I have trained in gestalt therapy, family systems theory, and attended the College of Executive Coaching.
Join Doctor Val and Gail Elen as they speak with Birute on women transforming themselves and the world. Kelby and/or CW will bring us the latest Breaking News on the restore America movement. Dr. Rutledge will be giving us more info and the value of sleep and getting a good nights sleep.