Happy Alkaline Valentine's Day & New Years

Gong Xi Fa Ca! That’s the traditional Chinese New Year greeting that means “wishing you prosperity” in Mandarin. This is the year of the snake. Pretend we are giving you a red envelope for New Year’s and Valentine’s day. The gift inside this year is alkaline water. Either for your private use or as an MLM distributor, you win. Most of the world is dying of dehydration as cell walls thicken and are attacked by free radicals, your cells can no longer release toxins and absorb water and nutrients. We call this aging etc. Alkaline water creates an physical environment that tames the free radicals and turns them back into good guys. As your PH goes up, your pains and complaints go down. 12 days ago, we put tulips in regular water and they collapsed over night. We refilled the vase 10 days ago with alkaline water and they are still happily blooming.