Frequency Medicine with Jenna Loren

Join Drs. Val Kirkgaard & Randi Shannon as they exchange facts an ideas in the arena of Frequency Medicine with Jenna Loren SCIO practitioner – the process she uses is off planet assisted.

Jenna has had a career in the Holistic Health and Human Potential industry that has spanned over three decades.

Knowing that our body systems have our own energetic patterns, Jenna has searched for therapy for many years that would address a person’s entire electrical system. From early on Jenna realized there are many factors that create dis-ease. It is a well-documented fact in the scientific community that emotions and stress play a significant part in our state of health. Stress is now acknowledged as a killer in our society.
Find her at Jenna_Loren@yahoo.com or call her 760 458-5803