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Howard Wimer

فبراير 1, 2019

Being a guest on “Waking Up In America” is a true honor and privilege. The conversation is intelligent and open which stimulates the audience to really think about what their lives are all about and how to make it better. Completely inspirational!

Howard Wimer
Founder, Inner Expansion

Marianne Williamson

Washington, DC, District 33.
يونيو 9, 2016

Talking with Valerie is always an inspiration. She is one step ahead of other interviewers.

Chelene Nightingale Nightingale

أكتوبر 31, 2016

My testimonial from my radio show interview today: Enlightening, informative, fun and courageous describes my experience on the Waking Up In America show with hosts Val Kirkgaard Ph.D. and Randi Shannon. These two lovely ladies are the anecdote to the negative propaganda in the mainstream media! You seeking the truth? Tune in to Val & Randi each week and you will leave with a smile and the feeling of encouragement!

Brooke Peterson

يونيو 9, 2016

What a delight to be back on the air with you Val. You are such a great interviewer, and your content is always so pertinent. Thank you for allowing me to share my expertise and passion. You are an Amazing show host!

Patricia Bragg

يونيو 9, 2016

Waking Up in America is a dynamic radio show, 100% American. Thank you, Val and CW for allowing me to share the BRAGG Healthy Life Style, started by my father Dr. Paul C. Bragg who 100 years ago was the originator of Health Food Stores and the American health movement. I loved being on your show

Harvey Wasserman

يونيو 9, 2016

Being on the radio with Val Kirkgaard is like waking up in an America that is exciting, fair, honorable and makes actual sense. She is a great interviewer and it’s a pleasure and an honor to talk about the fate of the universe with her.