Bedford Commercial Capital Corp.
يونيو 9, 2016

Dr. Kirkgaard,

Over the past weeks, via telephone, on three occasions, you asked me focus on the stress or emotion I was feeling at that moment. You asked that I focus on my feelings, and then on where that stress was revealing itself in my body. Each time the stress was a little different, revealing itself in different parts of my body, my chest, shoulders, solar plexus. Each time you asked that I focus, take a deep breath for as long as I could. Today, we went through this process twice, one after the other.

Well, I am writing now, at the we hour of 2 a.m. to let you know what happened with my day – in other words, to thank you for the energy this process gave me.

Before calling this morning, I had gone for my morning walk, usually invigorating. But this morning I was drained even after the endorphins kicked in. My stress was the burden of knowing I am going to have a meeting later to discuss and execute the final documents for a long, draining deal. Overly stressful because of the familial relations involved with the deal. Overly stressful because, in this transaction, I have focused my energy to help turn my world around in the face of our larger economic crisis. Well I had started the momentum some weeks ago, but this morning, right when I needed to be positive to succeed with the meeting, I was exhausted. And then, I call you, and we go through two sessions, back to back.

Not only did my stress immediately leave my body, I was energized, positive throughout the day, at peace with my place. I met with the parties earlier this evening, without stress, without event, in total calm. And here I am , sending signed documents to New York at 2 in the morning with too much energy to sleep. So I write to thank you.

An additional observation to my testimonial – this morning, aware meeting last eve went very well, the absence, or, rather, a less than usual feeling of relief after a successful event, it was supposed to be. Now continuing more centered versus whatever that pressure reaction that causes one to tighten up or raise adrenalin.