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Being a guest on "Waking Up In America" is a true honor and privilege. The conversation is intelligent and open which stimulates the audience to really think about what their lives are all about and how to make it better. Completely inspirational!

Howard Wimer
Founder, Inner Expansion

فبراير 1, 2019

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Talking with Valerie is always an inspiration. She is one step ahead of other interviewers.

Marianne Williamson best selling Author and California's Candidate for the House of Representatives in Washington Washington, DC, District 33. يونيو 9, 2016

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My testimonial from my radio show interview today: Enlightening, informative, fun and courageous describes my experience on the Waking Up In America show with hosts Val Kirkgaard Ph.D. and Randi Shannon. These two lovely ladies are the anecdote to the negative propaganda in the mainstream media! You seeking the truth? Tune in to Val & Randi each week and you will leave with a smile and the feeling of encouragement!

Chelene Nightingale Nightingale أكتوبر 31, 2016

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What a wonderful change of pace. A discussion. Not a shout-fest. About ideas. Not polemics. From my experience over the last many years, such opportunities have become far too rare, far too few and far too far between. Thanks for allowing me to participate on Waking Up in America, Val. I eagerly look forward to returning in the near future.

Brad Friedman "Brads Blog" يونيو 9, 2016

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Dear Valerie:

Thank you for the invitation to your wonderful Radio show this afternoon, which I enjoyed very much. Mary Louise and Gail were great to join us. Mary Louise is the most impressive female martial artist I have ever met, beside being good wife and good mother. Gail sounds like a charming and delicate lady.

You are a real professional, the way you were leading your questions and carrying the conversation. I am impressed by the experience and enjoyed the show very much. look forward to the next show on March 18. I look forward to hearing from you again.

In Truth, Beauty, and Love,

Jhoon Rhee Father of American Taekwondo يونيو 9, 2016

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Val Kirkgaard has a way of pulling people out of themselves. There are those who presume to have this gift, but who are ambitious and self-promoting to the point where their "contributors" pull back into their own shells and say "never again". Val, on the other hand, really celebrates the lives that her guests are living, and encourages them to share their best with a world that needs 'em. My visit with her on Waking UpInAmerica taught me half-a-dozen lessons in less than an hour about how much I could do, and enjoy, with my own life...and I'm pursuing those lessons. Hurray Val!

Stephanie Edwards يونيو 9, 2016

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Thank you so much for having me on your show! It was a pleasure to meet both you and Gail through the airwaves.

I found it very inspiring to speak about breast thermography for women as an alternative to a mammogram – a subject which I am deeply passionate about – with both of you. It was great as well to hear your perspective and Gail’s on health, natural healing & inner beauty.

It is sort of like a prayer – when two or more are gathered – as so it was with this intelligent conversation that we could birth new ideas and come closer to reaching the “tipping point” on this vital health issue for women and the men whose lives they touch.

Thank you for the opportunity to help inspire a shift in consciousness for our breast health and well being.

Jackie kane Thermography Center of Santa Babrara يونيو 9, 2016

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Dr. Kirkgaard,

Over the past weeks, via telephone, on three occasions, you asked me focus on the stress or emotion I was feeling at that moment. You asked that I focus on my feelings, and then on where that stress was revealing itself in my body. Each time the stress was a little different, revealing itself in different parts of my body, my chest, shoulders, solar plexus. Each time you asked that I focus, take a deep breath for as long as I could. Today, we went through this process twice, one after the other.

Well, I am writing now, at the we hour of 2 a.m. to let you know what happened with my day – in other words, to thank you for the energy this process gave me.

Before calling this morning, I had gone for my morning walk, usually invigorating. But this morning I was drained even after the endorphins kicked in. My stress was the burden of knowing I am going to have a meeting later to discuss and execute the final documents for a long, draining deal. Overly stressful because of the familial relations involved with the deal. Overly stressful because, in this transaction, I have focused my energy to help turn my world around in the face of our larger economic crisis. Well I had started the momentum some weeks ago, but this morning, right when I needed to be positive to succeed with the meeting, I was exhausted. And then, I call you, and we go through two sessions, back to back.

Not only did my stress immediately leave my body, I was energized, positive throughout the day, at peace with my place. I met with the parties earlier this evening, without stress, without event, in total calm. And here I am , sending signed documents to New York at 2 in the morning with too much energy to sleep. So I write to thank you.

An additional observation to my testimonial - this morning, aware meeting last eve went very well, the absence, or, rather, a less than usual feeling of relief after a successful event, it was supposed to be. Now continuing more centered versus whatever that pressure reaction that causes one to tighten up or raise adrenalin.

Arman Walker Managing Director Bedford Commercial Capital Corp. يونيو 9, 2016

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Val evokes the possible human in each of her guests. One comes alive and available to their deepest knowing in the show.

Jean Houston يونيو 9, 2016

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Hi Val, it was great being on your show! Very casual and comfortable, like talking to my best friend. You're not shy about "revealing" yourself, which makes me do the same! I'm looking forward to doing it again.

Best, Ellen Brown author of, Web of Debt يونيو 9, 2016