David Reisig - Arizona

Dear Val,
We would like to say thank you so much for having us on your program yesterday morning. It was such a pleasure to have a discussion with a couple of ladies such as yourself and Gail. We are looking foward to seeing you again and having Gail visit with us. I know that she will have a wonderful and healing experience. We are very happy to know that you were feeling so refreshed and well today. We will keep up the good work. And thank you for the ear candles and all your special tips. With all our Love and Affection,

Sylvia Pico and Cindy Calderete

What a wonderful format you have Val. The casual dialogue provides everyone involved, from listeners, to you and Randi, to your guests a wonderful way to "get" the ideas being shared in a very easy flowing way.Thanks to you and Randi for a wonderful hour on Saturday morning….our interview on July 27 was fun. I look forward to an opportunity to do another "Wake UP" show with you both again.

Patrick J Hatwan, Traditional Naturopath Wellness Institute of Nebraska

Hi Valerie May this be a day of joyous celebration for you. Thank you for having me on your show. It was lovely and very informative. Love Love and more Love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veronica Gabrielle La Barrie

You guys are awesome! I had one of the best radio show experiences ever. Thanks for a great time. I look forward to being on the show again. Love how you guys just go with the flow. Much love and blessings, Ed.

Dr. Edward Dr. Edward Group

Dear Valerie,
Waking Up In America is an awesome show, I’m not surprised that you have many avid listeners. I think you’ve just added one more. Being on the show felt like having an intelligent conversation with a friend. The show was not only interesting but intellectually stimulating. Thank you, it was a pleasure to be a part of it.

Thank you,

Nikolai Novak, CPA, M & A Accounting Solutions, Inc.

Hi Dear Val,
Dr. Val is a wonderful host on her show. We were able to give some powerful advise to her audience. I sometime wonder if today's young women realize just how many opportunities they have that were not available in the last century. We discussed traits that successful women must have. We spoke about how to negotiate for Equal Pay and how to balance the family and career. I believe this program will help men as well as women today. Thanks for the opportunity to be on you wonderful show

Norma Yaeger First woman on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange

What a delight to be back on the air with you Val. You are such a great interviewer, and your content is always so pertinent. Thank you for allowing me to share my expertise and passion. You are an Amazing show host!

Kangen Water - Enagic Independent Distributor

Waking Up in America is a dynamic radio show, 100% American. Thank you, Val and CW for allowing me to share the BRAGG Healthy Life Style, started by my father Dr. Paul C. Bragg who 100 years ago was the originator of Health Food Stores and the American health movement. I loved being on your show

Patricia Bragg N.D., Ph.D., 100th Anniversary of the Bragg Health Crusade

Being on the radio with Val Kirkgaard is like waking up in an America that is exciting, fair, honorable and makes actual sense. She is a great interviewer and it's a pleasure and an honor to talk about the fate of the universe with her.

Harvey Wasserman Senior advisor to Green Peace, Journalist and Author of SolarTopia (SolarTopia.org)